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types of loans

When you purchase real estate, your mortgage application goes through the acquisition of the property in question. However, be aware that the choice of your property is not made lightly if types of loans you want to obtain your credit under conditions . Especially if it is a first real estate purchase .

Moreover, the type of loan is made according to your situation. This is what you will discover through our guide.

Bank home loans

Bank loans are the most common type of financing. Almost all financial organizations can distribute them. This includes mortgage credit organizations (eg bank, borrower insurance ).

The depreciable loan

The depreciable loan is the most common. It consists of amortizing part of the capital borrowed thanks to the monthly payment paid by the borrower. It also makes it possible to repay the interest on the mortgage . The loan will be fully repaid at the end of the established term.

The loan in fine

The loan in fine is not depreciable. In other words, it does not repay the capital via monthly payments. It is designed for borrowers who have savings on which the financing will be backed. Then, the entire capital will be repaid by the borrower on the last installments.

The bridging loan

The bridging loan is also not depreciable. It concerns borrowers who already own a property that they are going to put or have put up for sale. However, the property in question will not be sold before the purchase of a new residence.

Home loan loans

They are generally intended to finance the main residence of the first-time buyer. Some loans make it possible to finance the entire price of the property . Others are more complementary to the financing and do not exceed a certain amount.

The social accession loan (PAS loan)

The PAS loan is granted subject to means testing to people who can finance the entire property. It allows you to benefit from reduced costs and to open the rights to Personalized Housing Assistance (APL).

The agreed loan

The approved loan or PC loan does not require an income condition. The borrower can open the rights to APL and finance the entire housing.

The zero rate loan plus / PTZ

This loan allows the first-time buyer to access the property. Considered as a personal contribution , it focuses on the financing of new properties as well as an old property. The PTZ is complementary to the financing. Its main advantage lies in its reimbursement formulas and its rate , especially for low incomes.

The home savings loan (PEL)

The beneficiaries of this housing savings loan are those who wish to carry out a real estate project as their main dwelling. It requires the possession of a Housing Savings Plan or a Housing Savings Account.

The housing equity loan

The purpose of the housing action loan is to finance part of the principal residence of the employed borrower. The latter, as well as his employer, must then respect certain conditions to set up this financing.

For any other additional information concerning the mortgage, do not hesitate to contact us. You can also consult our real estate buying guide .

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