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Currently, many households have insufficient cash to realize life projects. In the event of an unforeseen situation, this lack of cash can be just as problematic. With Younited Credit, obtaining an online personal loan associated with key advantages is possible. We guide you. Organizing a wedding, going on a trip, buying a car or doing work… Very often, these are expensive life projects that require borrowing money. We accompany you to see more clearly and above all to choose the right funding organization. Discovery of key personal loan information online.

What is a personal loan in definition?

By definition, the personal loan is a consumer credit not allocated to a specific purchase. To this end, the amount borrowed through this type of financing can be used for multiple purchases (car, motorcycle, real estate, work, travel, etc.).

As a result, it is not necessary to present the bank with a purchase invoice, which is customary for assigned loans. As its name suggests, the assigned credit is a loan that allows you to carry out a specific project exclusively: car purchase, work, etc.

Objectively, the unallocated loan meets a need for quick cash. Moreover, the subscriber is free to use the financial funds as he sees fit. Among many other possibilities, this loan of money can be used to finance the purchase of a consumer good, such as a refrigerator, a wedding, the arrival of a new child,…

What are the advantages of the personal loan?

With regard to borrowers, obtaining a personal loan allows them to benefit from a sum of money at the right price at a competitive rate. With Younited Credit’s 100% digital platform, interest rates are among the most competitive on the market for an amount between 1,000 and 3,000 euros.

With this in mind, the loans offered are at fixed rates , exclusively repayable, with constant monthly payments and no hidden costs. In addition, the credit platform for individuals uses technologies for analyzing loan applications that make it possible to finance a project in record time.

Where can I make a personal loan?

In concrete terms, it is possible to make a personal loan both from a bank or from a financial organization specializing in money loans. Whatever the choice of the subscriber, the repayment of the sum of money borrowed is carried out in a conventional manner each month.

It is still important to pay particular attention to the services offered by the lending bank. The idea is to be able to take out your loan in an efficient way to obtain financial funds in a minimum of time. This need is part of Younited Credit’s DNA. Offering loans at the best price is the priority of the personal credit platform.

In terms of duration, the cost of the monthly loan payments varies according to the amount of the loan and the financial capacities of the applicant, according to the conditions stipulated in the contract. As an indication, the monthly payments also evolve according to 4 main criteria:

Objectively, the personal loan and the revolving credit have one thing in common. These types of credit make it possible to realize one or more projects (car purchase, financing of work in your home, etc.), in one or more times.

However, revolving credit is a reserve of money from which the holder can draw as and when needed, within the limit of the ceiling set by the bank. The particularity of the revolving credit is that this reserve of money is reconstituted over the repayments.

For this reason, it often happens that consumers are tempted to go beyond their financial capacities to make a pleasure purchase that goes beyond the usual purchase framework. Especially since this process is simplified by the almost systematic acquisition of a credit card. In the context of revolving credit, the operation of a credit card associated with the revolving loan is identical to the use of a traditional payment card.

The only difference is that the borrower has the possibility of drawing directly from his reserve of money during a purchase in store. When paying for his purchases, the consumer has two options. After inserting their card into the electronic payment terminal, they can choose the following options:

As for the personal loan, it is a loan paid by the bank in one go. Unlike revolving credit, the personal loan allows you to better manage your budget with the knowledge of the exact amount borrowed and the amount of money remaining to be repaid.

Amount and duration of the personal loan: how does it work?

At first glance, the personal loan is governed by the Consumer Code. In terms of duration and amount, this legal framework defines the best practices that banks must apply to their loan offers. As such, it is possible to borrow from Younited Credit a sum of money between 1,000 and 50,000 euros.

As for the repayment period, it is possible to spread out repayments over a period of 6 to 84 months. In general, the first monthly payment takes effect 30 days after the financial funds are made available. For this first monthly payment, the exact date of withdrawal is stipulated in the consumer credit agreement.

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