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To grow your capital and see your savings increase over time, it is essential to invest your money. The range of investments intended for private investors is very wide and it is not necessarily easy to find your way around. Café de la Bourse offers you its selection of the best investments to earn money according to your investor profile. Discover the best investments according to your risk profile, your investment objectives and your investment horizon.

In this guide, we will come back to the different ways of making money by investing it, but also to the best banking investments, the best real estate investments, the best innovative investments, the best short-term investments and the best long-term investments. We will also share with you our convictions in terms of the best investments for a senior, the best investments for a young person, the best investments for tax exemption as health insurance policy  well as our selection of the 5 best investments for 2023.

How to earn money by investing it?

To earn money with a capital, it is essential to invest it. Saving is not enough you do not earn money because this envelope is not remunerated. It is not an investment. Besides, considering inflation , you will even lose money. It is therefore essential to invest your money to see your starting capital grow over time.

How do you make money by investing it? How to invest your money and make a profit?

There are two main ways to earn money through investing. First, many investments provide income. Indeed, you will be able to receive the interest  from a bank book but also from a regulated savings investment such as PEL or CEL or even the interest from the euro fund of a life insurance contract or the interest that you earn an obligation . Stocks also sometimes provide recurring income through  dividends . The rental investment makes it possible to invest money which brings in monthly. SCPIs are also a real estate investment that allows you to earn income.

Finally, for a certain number of investments, it will be possible for you, by reselling them, to pocket a capital gain . This is for example the case with stocks. Investors are indeed looking to resell their securities at a higher price than they bought them. They then earn the difference between the resale price and the purchase price. Other investments allow you to earn money through capital gains, such as real estate, for example.

What is the best investment in 2023? You might be wondering what to invest in to make money in 2023? Know first that the best investment of the moment does not exist. The best investment is certainly the one that pays you, but the best investment is also the one that is perfectly suited to your investor profile and your financial situation. It is difficult under these conditions to present the best investment for 2023. However, we offer you a selection of 5 investments to consider for those who want to invest and earn money in 2023. Then it’s up to you, in our Top 5 of the best investments 2023, to identify which are the most likely to suit you according to your risk profile, your investment horizon, your return expectations, the current composition of your assets, your heritage issues (tax, inheritance, etc.). Furthermore, we remind you that it is absolutely essential todiversify your assets  to reduce risk. You don’t put all your eggs in one basket, says popular wisdom. The same goes for his investments.

The health crisis has generated many changes within our societies and brought to the fore sectors that have benefited from the situation and in which it is possible to position oneself via thematic SCPIs. One thinks, for example, of the health sector, which was invested very early on by SCPIs holding real estate assets such as clinics, rest homes, nursing homes , maternity wards, etc. like Pierval Santé for example. But you can also bet on SCPIs specializing in logistics and in particular the famous “last mile” logistics, made so important by the boom in e-commerce and home delivery. These SCPIs, like the SCPI Activimmo, are invested in warehouses and business premises located on the outskirts of major cities.

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